August 5, 2009

Well the countdown is on, another few days and we are off on our great adventure! This is me by the way “A Mum’s Blog” only I have started a new blog so you can follow “My Big Adventure!

A few months ago my flatmate and I decided to get a caravan, put our stuff in storage and head off to discover Oz! And finally here we are only a few days before we head off. We have been in our cravan for the last 12 days and now we have nearly finished all our preparations. At the moment we are in Yarram on a friend’s farm. When we finish what we have to do we will go back to Melbourne for a day or so and then we are off!

Soooooo stay posted and enjoy this adventure with us. Talk to you soon.


Well here we are already into May and once again I haven’t written my Blog for over 6 months again! Oh well at least I still do occasionally come out of the woodwork! Life has been interesting theses last few months and I am about to embark on a great adventure, my flatmate and I are joining the ranks of the Grey Nomads and heading off to discover Australia in a caravan. How did this all come about you ask? The story is my flatmate lost his job a couple of months ago and seeing without his income we can’t afford to pay the rent here we decided why not put our gear in storage and head off into the blue yonder for a while. What do you think, a brilliant idea or what?

Another 6 mths go buy before I visit my blog again. Wow I certainly don’t have good innings with writing my blog but never mind at least I still come back!

Let me see what’s happened in 6 mths? Nothing and yet a lot. I am still happily ensconced in my share house in Melbourne and I hope to be here for a while yet. I am still doing the same old things, art course, Tai Chi and a Hypnotherapy course (although I must admit this one is progressing very slowly!) And I still do my volunteer work at the hospital.

In June I had a 6 week stint house sitting a B&B for an old friend of mine in Queensland, Herberton to be exact. Which is on the Atherton Tablelands. I had a fantastic time exploring far north Queensland and running the B&B. It was quite an adventure and I had a wonderful time!

I have also had 2 trips to Sydney, not for pleasure unfortunately but both involved my 95 year old mum who up till a few weeks ago had been living by herself with dementia and not coping at all! Finally after many falls at home and numerous other problems we had to put her into a nursing home (much to her disgust!) and then we had to organise clearing and cleaning her house so we could rent it out. Whew! What a job that was, both physically and emotionally exhausting! I am so glad its all done. And Mum seems to be settling down now in the home thank goodness!

Apart from all that I have also had some time in hospital, with my never ending B.P problems but as usual I have bounced back and life is good! I am the eternal optimist, you know the glass half full not half empty type of person and I find life an adventure and look forward always to the next chapter.

Christmas is almost upon us and I can’t wait to go to Canberra and spend it with my gorgeous kids and beautiful grand kids. Its always so much fun! I also can’t wait to meet my son’s lovely girlfriend for the first time, I am sure we shall really hit it off!

Oh well on that note I shall bid you all adieu, till the next time….no not in 6mths but soon!

Keep well!

Well it’s been over 6 mths since I wrote in here last…how sad is that! But never mind here I am again and I will try and keep this up a bit more regularly. I am sitting here watching the logies, writing my blog and talking to my son on line……….women can multi-task pretty well!

So where have I been and what have I been doing for the last 6 months or so? Hmmm well quite a bit really. Firstly I have started studying again. I have joined the University of the 3rd Age and go to drawing and Tai Chi classes (have never even drawn a straight line up till now so this is quite challenging…but fun!) I have also started a Hypnotherapy course on line which is great as well and I am about to start another on line course in Genealogy. I also still do my volunteer work full on so as you can see I certainly am not bored!

This week I head off firstly to Canberra to visit my beautiful children and grandchildren….yahoo!!! And then after a week in Canberra I am off to Cairns, or actually a little place called Herberton where I will House-Sit a lovely B & B for a friend of mine. I will be there for 5 to 6 weeks so it should be quite a nice break, don’t you think?

Well the cold weather has set in in Melbourne, our indian summer is definitely over so all the more reason I am really looking forward to going to QLD, you know what they say “beautiful one day, perfect the next!” Ahhh bliss!

Ok logies are finished, my sons gone to bed and it’s late so I am off to bed too. Keep well everyone and talk to you soon!

Hello here I am again with not much to say, well actually I do have a lot to say but it’s too late to say it….as usual.

I have been laid up sick for about 2 weeks now with the dreaded flu which has now turned into bronchitis….not much fun I can tell you! Very high temps, coughing, sore everything, lol! Oh well I guess I am not Robinson Crusoe in this and I will survive,

Consequently life has been pretty boring of late…I have seen heaps of videos and read a lot and oh yeah slept heaps but not much else. I have lost weight a bit which is not bad in itself but hey I seem to have lost my tastebuds as well…..lol, can anyone tell me how to get it back?

Watched an interesting DVD last Night “Stranger Beside Me” Has anyone out there seen it? If you have let me know what you think, it was very, very interesting I thought. If you are not sure of the title it is the true story about Ted Bundy the serial killer (who by the way was the first one to be given that title!) Anyway it was quite fascinating to try and work out how and why a person can turn like this and how his mind works. Hmmm I always knew I wanted to be a forensic scientist or detective psychologist or something, I find this sort of stuff horrible but very fascinating. Does anyone else think this way?

I love all those shows on TV like Crossing Jordan, Silent Witness and Cold Case. Mind you I also love medical shows and as I have mentioned do voluntary work in a hospital so if I had my life over it would be a toss up between forensics or nursing or psychology.

Tell me are you doing what you have always wanted with your life? Or are there other people out there like me wishing they had chosen something else. Tell me about it I would LOVE to hear from you.

i you when I was young I actually wanted to become an actress and even now love that sort of thing so how does that fit into all that do you reckon? Who knows I guess I am just quite a complex person.

OK on that note I will say good night….and I hope to hear from you!

Bye for now…..

Well life has been extremely hectic the last few weeks. My big sis has been here visiting and boy I am ashamed to say that although she is quite a few years older than me I could hardly keep up with her! But never mind we had a great time, did lots of sight seeing, frequented many shopping centres and heaps of coffee shops ( our favourite thing to do!) and met up with friends. So all in all a good time was had by all.

Now that she has gone it’s back to all the tasks I have neglected like the bills, the heaps of paperwork, my studies etc etc! Not to mention my voluntary work, phew, I had 3 shifts this week all 9 to midnight, heavy going but VERY rewarding! I also have to continue my rounds of doctors and procedures uggh! But as long as things get fixed I don’t mind.

Just read my son’s blogs tonight and I was absolutely delighted to hear he has found a new home for himself, Good on ya Mick, as you said things always turn up trumps for you. Keep up the positive thinking, it always works for me too.

Tonight I also made a decided effort to read some other blogs and join up to some other sites like Facebook or something and Bumpzee. Boy I am getting brave lol!

Ok off to bed for me, bye for now see you next time!

Well still no one has noticed my little blog, except of course my son but I know I have to put myself out there and read others’ blogs and then maybe I will get some comments, so after this entry I will do that!

Life has been pretty hectic since last I wrote and now I have my big sister here to stay for a couple of weeks….which is great, it’s fun having her around 🙂

The weather here is bloody awful and cold as!!!!! I miss the sun soooo much and it’s been raining here and overcast virtually every day for the past few weeks. I am one of these people who needs light and the sun and can get quite depressed if I don’t get it. The first thing I do every morning is throw open all the blinds and let the light in and if there is sunshine I straight away go outside and soak it up.

From my lounge room I can see the Dandenong Mountains and it is so beautiful when the sun is shining on it, I just love it!View from my lounge room

Well after having told my son to not stay up too late I had better be off too, it’s late, very late and bed beckons. Bye till next time 🙂

Not that it really matters to me weather it’s a weekend or not as I don’t work but somehow the weekends feel different. Are there other people out there who find this? I mean here I am at the ripe old age of 55 and still squirm at the thought of spending Saturday night at home alone. In one way one part of me is quite happy to be at home and snuggle up in front of my nice warm fire and watch a movie or play on my computer but the other part of me keeps saying, hey it’s Saturday night what are you doing home alone?

You know one Saturday night some time ago I actually thought to myself “ok Agi stop feeling sorry for yourself and go out then and catch a movie or something.” So I did…by myself I actually went and sat through a movie alone! And you know what, I survived and actually quite enjoyed myself. I guess my own company is not that bad after all!

Another time I actually went and had dinner by myself in a restaurant. Now that was another kettle of fish altogether! I mean what do you do while you are waiting for the courses to come? Sit there and twiddle your thumb or just look around and smile at anyone and everyone. Maybe hum a little tune to yourself or make frequent visits to the ladies room? Yes it can be very awkward and then to top it all off that particular night there was a little girl sitting at the next table eying me. After some time she came over and stood in front of me, put her hands on her hips tilted her head and very innocently said to me.”And why are you here having dinner by yourself?”

Well that did it, I gave her a weak smile, quickly finished my dinner and left!

So that was the end of my dates with myself, now I prefer to make the popcorn at home grab a good DVD and curl up and watch it by myself. At least if I fall asleep and snore, no one will mind………..

Hi, here I am again. I realize I am going to have to write something sensational for people to make comments so let’s see what can I write about?

Because I don’t work I actually do some voluntary work for the Red Cross in the Emergency Department of a local hospital. You might say ” how boring”, but I can assure you it is not!! My work consists of making umpteen cups of tea and coffee, handing out warm blankets and sympathy and just keeping both patients and hangers on happy and entertained.

 Each shift is a new challenge and each time I find myself intrigued by how different people are and how even  the sickest person, the most hardened drug addict or the smallest child all have something to teach me and how each and every person has a basic goodness inside them which sometimes can only been seen when they are the most vulnerable as in a hospital situation.

So enough to say that I enjoy my volunteer work thoroughly and I have become a stronger and wiser person because of it!

Aside from my volunteer work at the hospital, I also visit a 95 year old lady (old family friend) in a retirement village nearby and again I have to say she has taught me so much! She can hardly move and is stuck in a bed all day. Her back  is totally hunched over and she is in constant pain. Her hearing is bad and her eye sight is going, yet she is always cheerful, always smiling and ever so happy to get visitors! A truly delightful person!( if only my mum, who is 93 was the same…ah but that’s another story for another time!)

It’s late and bed beckons again so I shall continue next time. Good Night one and all.

Well it’s my second posting tonight and I only made this blog yesterday. I already got one comment (from my son but that’s ok) so I feel encouraged to write some more.

It’s interesting to think that I am bearing my thoughts and feelings to virtual strangers here but at the same time it is exhilirating as well. I don’t know what I will write about but I will take it as it comes, whatever pops in my head.

Just watched an episode of All Saints (one of my favourite shows I must admit).I think I should have been a doctor or a nurse I have quite a fascination with medical shows. Even the volunteer work I do is in a hospital, so what does that say about me?

Seriously though I love helping people, it just gives me a great deal of satisfaction and makes me realise how lucky I am!

Well I think I have to go to bed, I am trying to train myself to go to bed at a decent hour, I am a real night owl and then I suffer the next day!

Ok so good night. Talk to you next time!